We sit upon the bones of the elders
slowly decaying the last of their energy
into the dry earth below
the tears that they have wept
dried long ago

Their stories often forgotten
or not even heard
walk upon, kick aside
the “Ancient Ones”
inside the earth they hide

if you listen you can hear them speak
patiently waiting to share their song
holding the oldest wisdom of this planet
the Stone People of these lands

They are record keepers of this earth
one by one
collecting the energy of the planet
holding wisdom as old as time

Aiding in our healing
encapsulating ancient consciousness of Gaia
teaching how we can coexist in it all
our connection to nature
begins with our connection to the stones that we walk upon

earthing us back to our roots
this earth has been walked upon
for millions of years
if you listen
they will tell you their stories

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