EARTH TRIBE, is a place to join community, build cohesion and create connection with fellow conscious community members across the globe, in a turbulent time on the planet.


EARTH TRIBE is a non-dogmatic approach to sharing intention and prayer, community, ceremony and healing.

We are all supporting one another on the road of uncertainty, this is our opportunity to rise as a collective consciousness and anchor in the frequency of love and community on the planet.


As the current state of the world continues to blanket the collective consciousness with more fear, scarcity and doubt - this is our opportunity to rise above it all and support one another with the healing in our hearts, our homes and on the planet.


As humans we come from a long lineage of tribes, regardless of where you live currently on the planet, men and women have gathered together for millennia to bond, to share our hearts, heal together and to uplift one another. Yet it feels like more than ever we have skewed to the opposite side of that spectrum, isolating, disconnecting and losing touch with the power of having a sacred community that supports one another through it ALL.


This is a safe space to to heal, get support and to commune.


Know that you are not alone, in what you are feeling and facing today.


This is not the end of the world, but the end of an era.


With the end of one era, comes the dawn of a new one.


Not only will you be joining a community and tribe of other souls on the same journey as you right now,

but I am here to support you.


Each call I offer my healing, my coaching and my intuitive abilities to the group, either as individual coaching support, group coaching, healing prayers and mediations, or other modalities that I have collected and gathered around the world all of which I have seen amazing results with my clients.


I am offering this at a "invest what you can" subscription model.


I am aware that there is a lot of uncertainty on the planet with finances and revenue streams, so  it is my desire to have this as something that is affordable to all - so that we can really come together and support each other with the healing that is needed at this time.


I am so excited to be building this with you all, and cannot wait to support one another in this new awakening that is being birthed right now.