EARTH TRIBE, is a place to join community, build cohesion and create connection with fellow conscious community members across the globe, in a turbulent time on the planet.


If you want in, I want the energy exchange to be a tool for growth, NOT a road block for you. This is why I am offering several different tiers of subscriptions!

What is a monthly payment that feels like a real investment into yourself and keeps you truly showing up on this journey? What value do you see for the support you'll gain from this community and work, and what works for you at this time on the planet? 

For some, it’s $111/month. For others, it’s $1111 or more / month.

You’re going to get out of this journey what you invest into it, but the same growth looks like a different investment for everyone. Lean into your edge, choose a subscription tier that will inspire you to continue to show up and commit yourself to the energetic shift we are collectively anchoring in together.

Each subscription receives the same value:

1 x 90 Min Group Zoom call every 2 weeks lead by me with occasional guest speakers, healers, coaches and intuits


Access to the EARTH TRIBE - a global conscious community Private Facebook Page

to build connection, share our challenges

and victories and support one another off the calls.

Guided meditations, healing videos only available to this group.

For reference for the value that you will be receiving:

My other group coaching programs start at $5555 / 3 Months

My Individual Coaching programs start at $10,000 / 3 Months

If you are deeply called to join EARTH TRIBE and would like to invest a different amount than one of the tiers listed above?


Click here to message me sharing a little about you and your desired investment amount per month.