"Matthew is a phenomenal healer, life coach, and a powerful creative. 

After a period of depression and lost of trust within myself 

- my soul felt called to reach out with him and work with him. 

Matthew not only instilled my confidence and strong sense of courage

that is part of my nature, but touched on so many other things, 

like mental mastery, communicating with family, and 

the importance of self accountability with meditation. 

If you want someone to whip you into shape to be

the most powerful version of yourself - its Matthew. 

He cuts deep to the point, with his combination of healing

and intuitiveness and expertise. He understands inner

personal complexities as well as the powerful of simple truths

you need to hear. 


Truly a magical fucking wizard. 

It was a honor to work with him.


Thank you Matt!"


Angela, Creative Director




"Over the past 10 months of working together,

Matthew has been “walking me home” on this journey - home...back into myself.  

I wasn’t fully sure what I was signing up for when we began,

I just knew deeply in my heart that we were meant to work together. 


And I am deeply grateful that I listened.


There are only two facilitators on this earth

(and I’ve worked with a good amount)

who I can genuinely recommend as being able to

meet/hold ANYTHING and he’s one of them!


He is a masterful facilitator, guide, and space holder. 


(Calling him a “healer” feels a bit odd,

because what he really does is teach us how to be our own healers,

which I feel is actually far more valuable...)


He unflinching has held my deepest and darkest each step of the way.

I can’t even imagine having gone to the places I have without him

there to support in the navigation. He’s been able to meet me in it all.


Thank you, Matthew. Thank you for it all."


- Elizabeth, Psychologist



"First and foremost: if there is anything that I can impart to you, dear reader,

is that Matthew is an excellent facilitator of profound healing.

When I came to him with (what I thought was)

chronic shoulder and right-side pain,

I was expecting to leave our session with some semblance of relief.

What I found – what he provided – was a safe container to

process and transmute my inner and outer pain.


His technique is a perfect balance of compassion, gentleness, and directness.

His insight, intuition, and ability to navigate the meeting place

of our inner-external worlds truly humbles me.


The work we did together left me pain free

and I found an ease movement and emotional openness

 I haven’t had in my immediate recollection.


I cannot praise him enough or more highly recommend Matthew as a healer.


I am elated to say that I am moving through the world

with a new-found freedom and peace because of him.


Thank you, Matthew"

- Morgan, Artist






I had worked with Matthew as I had some blockages

within myself from past traumas and also a very recent trauma. 

I am very conscious of being the best I can and knew I needed some help

in shifting this energy which was keeping me stuck. 

After the most recent trauma, I had been feeling very

fearful of being outside my home in public & apart from two

very quick trips to the dairy I basically had been at home for over 3 weeks. 


Following my session I automatically felt lighter, my energy flowing more freely.

I felt a deep feeling of peace within me.

I actually left the house after my session which was a massive win

for me & I went & spent time in nature and further grounded

myself & it was the mist incredible feeling.


Feeling more free and less fearful.

During my session, I could physically feel the blockages shifting

with the guidance from Matthew.


I went into a deep meditative state and felt blissful for the entire day and

continue to feel such a deep peace. 


I also had not been sleeping well at all since the most recent trauma

that night I had the best sleep I had had in weeks.

I am very aware that to be in my highest, I need to let go of habits

that are no linger serving me.

I have made a commitment to myself to go

without alcohol for a period of time and no longer use this as a

form of checking out as I have done in the past.


I am excited for my future and for my loved ones

that I am making it a priority for me to let go of what no longer serves me.


To live in a higher state of consciousness.

Committing to leaning in constantly to where I need to, to BE the best I can. 

Committing to recognizing when I am out of alignment and

doing what I need to, to reconnect to myself & help me serve others. 

As a single Mum of 4 young children and a business owner.

I truly want to serve others at my best and I am eternally grateful to

Matthew for helping me shift what has been holding me back.


The weight I have carried within myself all these years truly feels shifted.

I also had a massive emotional release towards the end of my healing session.


So many tears flowed and with them the weight I had been carrying. 


It is hard to fully express just how very much my healing session helped me.

I feel I still am integrating also.

I am forever grateful and I truly cannot recommend Matthew highly enough."


Ilenie – Owner Revive Beauty Therapy


"I had a beautiful healing session with Matthew when

he was in Bali and I was in New Zealand. 

Even through the distance I felt the space was held beautifully for me,

at moments I swear if I had opened my eyes he would have been standing beside me.

I trusted and I let go, completely open to whatever came up and

I went straight to sexual healing that I had not expected

and tears flowed from the depths of my Soul. 


I even had a friend email after that they had seen

and felt my release of trauma as it was happening.


The energy was that powerful. 

I would definitely recommend Matthew,

it was an amazing and healing experience, and I would do it again. 

The clarity with the cards that came with the reading

were spot on and he went straight to an area I was blocking

and gave advice for continuing the work. 

I have felt very supported by Matthew over the months,

his ability to hold a space and feel into energy is beautiful."


- Lauralea - Soul Coach and Body Therapist





The Healing with Matthew was an amazing feeling and experience!! 

Once the music started, I could feel an overwhelming

amount of energy surging through my body. 

Movement of energy to different parts of my body on the inside. 

I felt most of the movement and pressure in my solar plexus. 

There was a lot of gurgling and popping in that area. 


Then the pressure would move to a different chakra. 

There was pressure in my sacral plexus chakra and root chakra. 

I felt tingling in my Third Eye chakra and the base of my skull. 

There was also tingling in my hands and feet and pressure on my Crown chakra. 

The visuals were intense during the session!! 


In the beginning I was within the Universe floating in the dark matter

with the stars and planets.  I felt very happy and in awe. 


I saw different people flash in and out. 

Sometimes just as a head.

I saw Native Americans, ancestors, and modern day people. 

I saw a lot of sad women with their heads hanging down. 

I saw slave girls. I saw L-rods spinning very fast and out of control,

sometimes they would slow a little. 

I saw scary faces, masks, and I was looking down the side of a mountain at one point. 

I saw different plains or layers stacked on top of each other rotating around. 

Colors and shapes were moving and swirling through with a lot of blues and greens. 

About half way through, I started to feel very fearful. 

The fear of dark magic, getting seduced, and a Carnival atmosphere. 

I remember thinking, “My guides are protecting me.  They won’t let anything bad happen.” 


I saw a floating white glove, palm up, signaling with its finger for me to follow. 

Then the fear faded away.  

 At one point during the healing, I felt like the weight of something had been lifted. 

I felt freed from it and happy, I didn't know what "it" was though. 

While the energy work was happening inside my body,

I felt the presence of someone close to my physical body. 


I could feel their energy. 

After the energy healing session was over and I was doing the

breathing exercise, I literally could feel “more space” in my abdominal area. 

Like it wasn’t restricted at all. 

I had very vivid and intense dreams that night. 

One was about the enormity of the protection over me. 

People were coming and going telling me how protected I am in the steps

I’m taking in creating my reality. 


I was also shown the importance of breaking connections with certain people. 

And that it was ok to break those connections. 

I was shown by a guide and guardian over me the importance

of not holding back self-love and that I could even be extravagant without worry. 


The moments I woke during the night, I continued to feel the energy

come and go throughout my body. 

The next morning, my solar plexus was actually sore like

I had done a lot of core exercises the day before! 


Since the energy healing, several more fears have been laid down.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you, Matthew!!  Many blessings!!


- Debbie, Physical Therapist





"I was experiencing a lot of pressure behind my eyes

and was having a hard time concentrating,

Matthew instantly picked up on this and offered some reiki.

As soon as he places his hands over my head

I felt a wave of energy float through him and into me,

acting as a conduit for peace and relaxation.

I could feel the tension release as I was washed over with calming energy

bringing me back into my body.


After our session he took the time to discuss with me anything

that came up and held pristine space as we cleared

any belief in place that caused the tension in the first place.


I felt held and heard and I would recommend Matthew’s reiki to anyone.


He is a true gem, embodying ancient wisdom with grace and kindness.


- Blu, Mystic & Healer